Unterdorf elementary school

The right light for exploring, discovering, and investigating

Spatial diversity and good manageability create a varied and flexible learning landscape. 

The Unterdorf elementary school in the Vorarlberg municipality of Höchst is a simple, elongated, ground-level wooden building that can accommodate 200 students. The flat school building blends harmoniously into its surroundings. The pedagogical concept is characterized by playful learning in manageable, family-like groups. Each of the four clusters has two classrooms, a group room, a rest room, and a central common room.

Daylight streams in through the skylights of the tall, wooden, truncated pyramid that crowns each common room. The numerous sight lines are also a constant invitation to use the space in the middle. A direct exit to a private garden and outdoor classroom area incorporates the outdoor space and enables short thoroughfares.

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A balanced lighting mood creates positive conditions for learning

The right lighting creates optimal conditions for effective learning; it motivates and learners are more likely to concentrate for longer periods of time. A balanced lighting mood makes a decisive contribution to well-being and creates positive conditions for learning.

You simply learn better with the right light

That's why Hecht Licht- und Elektroplanung decided to use our perfectly glare-free DROP system. In terms of light point spacing, power supply, and luminaire shape, our DROP Line was adapted to the respective use as well as function of each room.

Multiple awards

Architektur Büro Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architekten ZT GmbH was awarded the Hypo Bauherrenpreis 2020, The Plan Award 2018, the Big See Wood Award 2018, and the Wood, Design & Building Award 2017 (Canadian Wood Council) for this project.

Light planning: Hecht Licht- und Elektroplanung

Source: Büro Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architekten

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