Modular, long-lasting, and well-proven: Our lighting technology

The lighting technology comprising reflectors, lenses, and other optics together with modern LED technology, can be combined in a very wide variety of ways to create customer and project specific lighting solutions. This enables a very wide range of applications as well as targeted fulfillment of customers' individual wishes.

Drop lighting technology from Artluce: Plastic free-form faceted reflectors in silver


The most variable of our luminaires: DROP impresses with endless design possibilities.

Be it office space, lounge, or retail: our DROP series impresses with perfect glare suppression, elegant design, and compact form. The luminaire can be installed in the widest variety of combinations, allowing it to adapt to the most diverse stylistic and architectural challenges.

Grado lighting technology: Lens with pin by Artluce


With the lighting technology of our GRADO series, we dive into the world of (virtually) invisible luminaires.

GRADO allows you to fill a room with light without drawing attention to the luminaire. Emphasizing elegance and minimalism, the lens of the GRADO series distributes the light without glare, creating selective highlights. This is how we create atmospheric and unobtrusive ambiance.

Lumex lighting technology reflectors in silver spread over a gray background


Homogeneous illumination of wall and ceiling surfaces thanks to sophisticated reflectors distinguish our LUMEX series.

How does the LUMEX series differ from conventional wallwashers? Due to the special shape of the LUMEX reflectors, optimum and uniform illumination of the wall or ceiling surface is achieved with perfect longitudinal glare suppression.


LOOK@ME skillfully highlights architectural features as well as design elements of the interior space.

The LOOK@ME series comprises an extensive range of different spotlights, which are used in a wide variety of applications, from commercial premises to residential properties. Different beam angles and configuration variants from monocolor to tuneable white and dim2warm allow unlimited variation options for a variety of application areas.

Artluce lighting technology: Base profile collection


Our BASE profile series has long been distinguished by its perfectly formed design and high-quality workmanship. 

Numerous accessories open up new creative dimensions. The system can be used as a rimless recessed luminaire, surface-mounted luminaire, pendant luminaire, or even a combination thereof. It can be installed as a seemingly endless band of light, also at any angle, across corners.

Configure your lighting solution in a few simple steps.