Lumex lighting technology reflectors in silver spread over a gray background


Sophisticated reflectors

The reflectors of the LUMEX series open up new possibilities for vertical lighting.

Homogeneous illumination of wall and ceiling surfaces

The reflectors of the LUMEX series can be installed in a linear arrangement, as a continuous band or in groups But there are also countless potential applications as individual luminaires - in all cases they make the room boundary surfaces tangible and highlight them effectively.

The spoon-shaped design of the reflectors allows not only extremely homogeneous and uniform illumination of the wall or ceiling surface to be achieved; the luminaire is also very well masked in the longitudinal direction. This plays a decisive role particularly in the illumination of walls. That's what sets the LUMEX series apart from conventional wallwashers,


The LUMEX benefits.
Highlighting architectural features.

The right reflector for every use

Two different LUMEX reflector types are currently available for a wide range of applications:

  • Reflector type LUMEX Q builds on the illumination characteristics of a classic wallwasher. The beam angle begins almost exactly at the edge between ceiling and wall, without compromising uniformity.
  • Reflector type LUMEX W² additionally provides optimal illumination of the floor surface in front of it. This type of lighting tool attracts a great deal of interest, particularly for applications in retail, as it makes the presentation of the merchandise particularly effective not only on the shelf, but also in front of it - in the customer's hand.
Vertical illumination in greatest perfection

The highly reflective surface of our LUMEX free-form faceted reflector is applied in a vapor deposition process.

Choose from aluminum or real gold coating. Use of the gold reflector reduces the light color of the LED by approximately 300 K.

Daylight mood with tuneable white

Most people already suffer from a chronic lack of daylight. The right lighting mood can offer compensation for this. Primarily, this involves activating people through melatonin suppression by means of suitable light colors.

Luminaires fitted with tuneable white can support this through different light colors and illumination levels. With an appropriate controller in the background, light color and illuminance in the room can adapt automatically to the course of daylight.

Impressions from the LUMEX series

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Musikprobelokal Fiss
Music rehearsal hall Fiss
Luis Trenker, Zürich
Luis Trenker, Zürich
Luis Trenker, Seefeld
Therme Bad Waltersdorf
Therme Bad Waltersdorf
Therme Bad Waltersdorf
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