Radiantly beautiful

Welcome into the spotlight of maximum flexibility.

Precision that sets the scene

LOOK@ME skillfully highlights architectural features as well as design elements of the interior space. The high flexibility of the luminaires enables endless possible variations.


The LOOK@ME benefits.
Top performance in design and technology.

Impressive light distribution and light quality

LOOK@ME is a precisely calculated free-form faceted reflector combined with highly efficient LED modules to form a compact light unit. The series impresses with precise light distribution, outstanding light quality, and excellent color mixing without structure formation. In addition, the LOOK@ME series is distinguished by high efficiency and perfect glare suppression.

With the different beam angles - symmetrical and asymmetrical - as well as the power and configuration variants in different light colors, solutions with high flexibility can be created for every project. At the same time, LOOK@ME provides elegant luminaires for every architectural aspiration.

A particular highlight of the luminaire family is the asymmetrical reflector. Although it sits flush in the luminaire cover, its radiation cone nevertheless starts exactly at the wall/ceiling edge. This is reflector technology at its best.

Technology and light-filled elegance flexibly combined

The two reflector diameters of the LOOK@ME series differ not only in performance variants, but also in their design details.

For example, the DM 40 mm reflector is also available with a real gold coating, which reduces the color temperature of the installed PCB by about 300 K.

Both reflector diameters can be equipped with the so-called "Darklight Accessory" as a supplementary option, which not only visually enhances the darklight effect, but also further improves the UGR properties of the reflector which already has precise glare suppression. The Darklight Accessory is also available in different colors.

Impressions from the LOOK@ME series

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Hanau City Library
Stadtbibliothek Hanau
Med Campus Linz
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