Drop lighting technology from Artluce: Plastic free-form faceted reflectors in silver


Compact and versatile

We have succeeded in developing a series of luminaires that impresses in virtually every area.

Radiant all-rounder in the smallest of spaces

In the spirit of progress, we have developed our DROP reflectors in cooperation with a renowned Austrian engineering company. They are free-form faceted reflectors with three different beam angles and perfect glare limitation.


The DROP benefits.
Because light is not just light.

Free-form faceted reflector

The DROP reflector is a free-form faceted plastic reflector manufactured by injection molding. The highly reflective aluminum surface is applied as a vapor deposition. For our "black-gold edition", the DROP reflectors are coated with real gold instead of aluminum. Use of the gold reflector reduces the light color of the LED by approximately 300 K.

For a wide range of applications, our reflectors are available with beam angles of 2x 50°, 2x 45° and 2x 35°.

Drop lighting technology from Artluce: round luminaire in gray structure
Glare limitation according to EU standard

Proper lighting and reduced glare in the workplace can prevent errors, fatigue, and accidents. The cause of direct glare can be poorly glare-suppressed luminaires and surfaces with high luminance levels. Reflected glare can be caused by reflective surfaces, incorrect luminaire arrangement, or even incorrect workplace positions.

The DROP reflectors (2x 45°, 2x 35°) are ideal for lighting concepts that comply with EU standard EN 12464-1.

LED PCBs + tuneable white

For our DROP series, LED printed circuit boards have been developed that are specially matched to the reflectors. Each light point is fitted with 4 mid-power LEDs; these are state-of-the-art in terms of both efficiency and color rendering, and have a service life of at least 50,000 hours.

The PCBs are available in common light colors 2700 K, 3000 K, and 4000 K, but also in tuneable white 2700 K - 5700 K. Project-specific configurations of our PCBs in other light colors are of course also possible at any time.

Outstanding energy efficiency

With an efficiency of up to 150 lm/W and a luminaire efficiency of up to 96%, the DROP series is characterized above all by very low energy consumption.

The outstanding energy efficiency of the installed LEDs not only reduces annual energy costs, but also eliminates maintenance costs. In addition, the heat emission of the lighting system and the associated costs for air conditioning are also reduced.

DROP-Line bespoke

The DROP-Line can also be customized to meet the requirements of your project.

Various printed circuit board (PCB) types are available, which differ in point spacing, length, and number of reflectors. The PCB types of the DROP line can be combined in any way as long as a few technical details are observed. The luminaire in your project is therefore characterized not only by the light color and beam angle, but also by the flexible arrangement of the DROP reflectors in the underside of the luminaire.

You can also choose from a wide range of different profile cross-sections, dimensions, and mounting types for the profiles of your DROP line. For us, every length is a standard length. 

All our DROP lines are available with a natural anodized aluminum, black, or white powder-coated surface. Other colors from the RAL or NCS color palette are also available on request.

Impressions from the DROP series

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