Why Artluce?

We inspire with light and heart and soul - for over two decades now.

Light carries the room and creates atmosphere

Light determines how a space or place affects us. Where do we need how much light? How can light be used purposefully without imposing itself? Does the lighting concept support the interior design? How can light be used to create a specific atmosphere?

Creating optimal lighting conditions is an art in itself. To provide the lighting designers with the appropriate technology for this purpose is precisely the task we have dedicated ourselves to at Artluce. With plenty of passion, experience, and knowledge, we create solutions for a special sensation of light in a space - depending on the project and customer requirements. Because light not only brightens up our lives, it also contributes significantly to our individual well-being.


Design, planning, and technology with a passion

Our aspiration extends far beyond quality and functionality. This is why experienced engineers, technicians, and designers work together in an interdisciplinary team in our Design and Development department. With the latest findings from the fields of user focus, spatial planning, physics, and architecture, they develop the lighting solutions of tomorrow.

What unites them? The desire to inspire our customers with tailor-made products for all conceivable application areas. Be it office, educational institution, retail, or public building: We'll find the ideal lighting solution for your project.

Four good reasons for Artluce

Technical expertise and radiance

Specially adapted circuit boards have been developed for all our high-quality lighting technologies. We use LEDs that are always state-of-the-art in terms of efficiency and color rendering. This bestows not only our lighting systems but also your project with the necessary radiance.

Modular lighting technology - holistic effect

Deliberately minimalistic and with variable components, our lighting solutions are extremely versatile and timeless. Our team strives continuously to integrate efficient optical components into our products in such a way that precise light control is possible free of glare. Aspects of Human Centric Lighting (HCL) are also increasingly in focus.

Sustainable efficiency and longevity

In addition to the selection of high-quality materials and a clear design language, we focus on the sustainable use of resources. Consequently our components are not only extremely compact in their construction, but also designed for efficiency and longevity. This not only saves maintenance and energy costs, it also makes a significant contribution to sustainable building concepts.

Over 20 years' experience and expertise

With curiosity, commitment, and our heart and soul, we have been taking orders of all sizes for more than 20 years and can look back on numerous exceptional projects. Our experience, expertise and personal cooperation with our customers make us the ideal lighting partner for implementing your spatial ideas.

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"Light creates the link between our bodies and the architecture of built spaces."

Are you interested in an individual lighting concept or would you simply like to talk to us directly? We look forward to getting to know you and would be happy to advise you.