Artluce lighting technology: Linear base profile collection


Endless possibilities

Light and design coalesce seamlessly in the loveliest form. 

LINEAR builds on the BASE profile series and features perfectly formed design and high-quality workmanship.

Numerous accessories open up new creative dimensions. The system can be used as a rimless recessed luminaire, surface-mounted luminaire, pendant luminaire, or even a combination thereof. It can be installed as a seemingly endless band of light, also at any angle, across corners.

A wide range of LED strips and PCBs are available for LED fittings.


The LINEAR benefits.

Pure flexibility, in profile types and inset lengths

The LED insets can be combined with any profile type from the BASE range. For inset lengths, every size is standard for us - we would be happy to help you select suitable inset lengths for project-specific strip lighting.

Versatility - perfectly homogeneous back-lighting.

No matter which type of cover is selected, the back-lighting is always perfectly homogeneous. Satinized covers, diamond prisms, or even a U-shaped diffuser are available. The linear wallwasher for illuminating vertical surfaces rounds off the range of different insets.

LINEAR cover variants

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Artluce lighting technology: Linear diamond prisms, satinized, with light distribution curve
Artluce lighting technology: Linear diamond prisms with light distribution curve
Artluce lighting technology: Linear satinized with light distribution curve
Artluce lighting technology: Linear U-shaped diffuser with light distribution curve
Artluce lighting technology: Linear wallwasher with light distribution curve
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Impressions from the LINEAR series

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Unterdorf elementary school
Volksschule Unterdorf
Music rehearsal hall, Nals
Musikprobelokal, Nals
Stimpfl Baumanagement
Stimpfl Baumanagement
Wohnanlage Aarstrasse Thun
Wohnanlage Aarstrasse Thun
Tyrolean Hospice Community, Hall in Tyrol
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