Grado lighting technology: Lenses on gray background


Invisible and elegant

With the lighting technology of our GRADO series, we dive into the world of virtually invisible luminaires.

Light effect instead of light unit

Do you want to fill a room with light without drawing attention to the luminaire? We have the solution: The specially designed and developed lens of our GRADO series focuses the light just above the luminaire aperture, then distributes it glare-free downwards and further into the room.

The light emitting surface of the Grado focus lens has a diameter of 8-10mm, so really only the light effect is visible, not the luminaire. The special design of the light unit enables perfect integration into the architecture, as well as optimal utilization of the modern features of LED lighting.

Artluce lighting technology: Grado lens held by hand

The GRADO benefits.
Functionality and elegance combined.

Artluce lighting technology: Grado lens from the side
Bundled luminosity

The GRADO lens is designed and calculated so that the light is focused in the aperture and then spreads down into the room without glare.

The GRADO lens itself is made of clear plastic and is available with beam angles of 2x 22° and 2x 37°. Depending on the beam angle and diameter of the light exit aperture, the lens has an efficiency of up to 75%.

Artluce lighting technology: Grado lens types
Our design aspiration

Two different lens holders are available for both lens types. The "pin" reduces the light aperture to the bare minimum. From below, a diameter of 8 mm is visible in the luminaire aperture.

As a design variant to the "pin" we offer the INGRADE series designed by SERGE CORNELISSON with the stylistic element "cono" as lens holder. The "cono" is available as standard with galvanized surfaces such as chrome, gold, or bronze, as well as black powder-coated. Project-specific designs in other RAL or NCS colors are possible at any time.

Brilliant color rendering

As with all our high-quality lighting technologies, specially adapted circuit boards have been developed for the GRADO series. We use high-power LEDs that are always state-of-the-art in terms of efficiency and color rendering.

For adaptive light colors with dynamic color temperature adjustment, the PCBs can be designed with 2700 K and 5700 K for tuneable white. Since each lens is fitted with two LEDs, color mixing with tuneable white can take place in every light point.

Fitting of the PCBs in monocolor 2700 K, 3000 K, or 4000 K is standard practice for us.

Grado lighting technology: Downlights
Virtually invisible

Thanks to the extremely small design of the lens - diameter 17 mm, height 14 mm - this lighting technology has countless applications. Be it in a linear design with visible aperture or "invisibly" inserted into the ceiling from behind: GRADO offers lighting designers and architects endless possibilities with perfectly glare-free light.

Impressions from the GRADO series

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Das K - Kornwestheim
Das K - Kornwestheim
Das K - Kornwestheim
Hotel Engel, Grähn
Hotel Engel, Grähn
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