Markas Bolzano

The right light at the right time. Refined architecture and lighting solution with high innovation factor.

Project with distinction

The headquarters of the Markas service company designed by ATP Innsbruck is characterized by a well-proportioned structural shell that can "grow" with the company. The planners designed the maximum permissible cubage to provide space for future expansion - in this case downwards. ATP received the 2021 German Design Award for this project.

Thanks to the intensive involvement of employees from all departments, an office building was created that meets all the needs and requirements of the individual divisions. At a height of 14 m above the generous air space lies the garden and terrace floor that can be used for breaks and events.

A building for well-being

It is the prelude to the actual building above. The prerequisite for the support-free and therefore extremely flexible open-office concept is the solid V-shaped facade structure. The office building, with an overall height of 40 meters, also offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and picturesque Bolzano scenery.

Perfectly matched

In addition to the refined architecture, the lighting solution was also based on a high innovation factor. Büro Bartenbach planned the lighting system in a light color that can be adjusted depending on the time of day - tuneable white. With this planning approach, the color temperature of the light and the intensity in the interplay with illuminated materials and human perception play an overriding role.

Natural change

The user thereby experiences the right light at the right time at different times of day and year. With the design of the luminaires in tuneable white, a lighting concept of this kind is based on the natural course of daylight and a dynamic change between different lighting scenarios.

Carefully selected

In general, light is more than a medium for seeing: light controls us. It activates or calms us. It is responsible for our acceptance of the spatial surroundings. More and more clients are becoming aware of the importance of modern lighting concepts in tuneable white. They include the Markas developers.

Light planning: Bartenbach

Source: ATP

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