Gentle forms characterize the architecturally unique building, which creates a place to feel good in the midst of the urban structures in the city of Salzburg.

Relaxation with a unique view

Located directly in the heart of Salzburg and on the edge of the world-famous Mirabell Gardens, Paracelsus Bad & Kurhaus offers exceptional architecture, state-of-the-art facilities, and a breathtaking view of Salzburg's Old Town.

The urban building is characterized by the highest level of creative quality and functionality. The shell of ceramics and glass reflects the elegant shapes of the water. The ceramic slats on the facade not only provide protection from prying eyes, but also round off the overall appearance of the building. The special ceiling design in the open panorama level is a head-turner for every visitor.

»Lighting perfectly coordinated with the high-grade materials.«
Efficiency at the highest level

The premises of Paracelsus Bad & Kurhaus are flooded with natural daylight and feature the latest building management technology. Part of this is the control of the lighting in tuneable white, which ensures a pleasant sense of well-being. Visitors thereby experience the right light at the right time at different times of day and year, as the lighting follows the circadian rhythm.

Intelligent technology

The change in color temperature of the luminaires is based on the natural course of daylight, and the control system generates a dynamic change between different lighting scenarios during the day and night to match this. With this intelligent technology and the planned LED luminaires, Paracelsus Bad can save over 35% in electricity compared to conventional lighting technologies.

Light planning: Bartenbach

Source: Paracelsusbad

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