Self-assured station building design undergirded by a holistic lighting concept.

A new lift for Innsbruck's local mountain.

The Patscherkofel is considered Innsbruck's local mountain and serves as a year-round sports and leisure area for the greater Innsbruck area. As a two-time venue for ski races at the Olympic Games, the Patscherkofel has gained international prominence. The first plans to build a cable car on the Patscherkofel were drawn up as early as 1910. Then, in 1928, the Patscherkofel cable car was built and opened by a committee of private individuals together with the municipality of Schwaz.

After various modifications and changing owners, the existing cable car system had reached the end of its service life and could no longer be adapted to future requirements at reasonable expense. It was therefore replaced in 2017 by a single-cable gondola lift with a slightly modified route.


The resulting appearance is characterized by functional, clearly structured vertical and horizontal elements. Solid reinforced concrete structures contrast with larch wood elements and horizontal, expansive glazing that bring the stately natural surroundings into the building.

Concrete provides a robust shell and is particularly suitable for use in alpine areas. In contrast, the interior is predominantly made of local wood species.

»The Patscherkofel is the vitality and leisure mountain for Innsbruck residents«

Naturally, a suitable lighting concept needs to be part of such a project. Büro Bartenbach came up with a solution for this that differs significantly from previous concepts for cable car stations. The emphasis is on vertical surfaces with perfectly concealed reflectors. Designing the luminaires for the ambient temperatures prevailing in the Tyrolean Alps presented a particular challenge.

Utilization of the widest variety of areas, starting with the parking lot and continuing through the entrance area, the lift station, and the restaurants, required a variety of luminaire specifications.

Light planning: Bartenbach

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