Winery Bolzano

When indulgence is the order of the day, it has to be accompanied by a good drop of wine!

A luminous cube

The new administration building of the Bolzano Winery leaves no doubt that wine is the focus here. The glass facade with its stylized vine leaves impressively points to the vine as the origin of every excellent wine - and the source of inspiration for the project.

Visible from afar and yet harmoniously integrated into the surrounding landscape, the luminous cube rises ahead of the slopes of the porphyry rocks in Bolzano. Light filters inwards through the exterior facade and mysteriously escapes from the inside out through the perforated facade at night.

»Special wines need a special space in which to be tasted! «

A living facade

The production facilities were moved as far as possible into the vineyard slope, making the glass cube, which glows at night in a fascinating radiance, even more the central element of the new winery.

Specially developed LED light lines with optical light control were invisibly integrated into the architecture along the branching vine leaf structure.

A three-dimensional lighting effect enchants the beholder. The dynamic programming of the driver units brings the facade to "life". It appears to the visitor as if wind were blowing through the vine leaves.

In the wine store, the focus is naturally on the wine. The light follows the vine architecture and fades completely into the background. By creating islands of light (sales areas), the visitor's attention is drawn directly to the wines without directly perceiving the light.

The wine labels are illuminated vertically with 1350 lx. The special reflectors and their arrangement allow maximum visual comfort without looking into the light source.


Wine in all its fascinating facets

In the small tasting room, the focus is on the diverse range of wines. Where north meets south, landscapes and cultures intermingle. This diversity is expressed not only in nature, and by the people and their wines, but also by the right light.

Bright walls and concealed luminaires tailor-made for the project put the labels of the exclusive wines in the spotlight. A line of light with special reflectors focuses on the center of each tasting.       

Exposed concrete, black steel, and fine oak

In order to bring the uniqueness of the materials into special harmony, particular attention was paid to the office workplaces to ensure the highest visual comfort at the desks with pendant luminaires shining directly/indirectly in order to create space for concentrated work.

Well-being at work

Oak cabinet walls are uniformly lit with wallwashers and give the necessary support to these premises. Illuminated exposed concrete shows the naked elegance of the material.

One room for everything

When indulgence is the order of the day, it has to be accompanied by a good drop of wine! 20 meters above the ground, a 240 m² meeting room with guaranteed satisfaction extends over the landscape of the Bolzano valley basin.

The multi-functional room is presented in the proper light with 5 project-specific profile luminaires. The reflector technology used with excellent glare suppression creates different lighting moods, depending on the use of the rooms.

Be it beamer presentation or wine tasting, the light can react to the respective needs of the users with the changeable light spectrum from 2,700 K to 5,700 K, which can be adjusted at the push of a button.

The Winery Bolzano was awarded the KlimaHaus AWARD 2019 for this innovative, groundbreaking project.

Light planning: Lichtraum²

Source: Dipl. Ing. Daniel Schiefele MLL

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