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Wallwasher the latest generation

2016 05 news Projekt

The recently developed faceted reflectors allow perfect longitudinal suppression due to their unique shape.

Because of the smallest possible design of the luminaire housing and the low input or installation height of the luminaries a perfect exposure is possible without disturbing the architecture.

In addition, the new reflectors with an extremely precise beam angle and a perfect cut-off angle allow an excellent uniformity on the surface to be illuminated.

From perceptual psychologial perspective, room surfaces are very important fpr the well-being. Through the illumination of different wall or ceiling surfaces, these surfaces are made appreciably.

This luminaire range is also characterized by its high efficiency and excellent light output ratio of up to 85%.

 2016 05 news Reflektor

There are three different types of reflectors available:

  • Typ 1   Wallwasher in punctual or linear application
  • Typ 2   luminaires with symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution, depending on the angle of inclination of the reflector in the light.
  • Typ 3   for example as shop lights - fpr aüülications in which the shelves and the immediately precending that bottom surface to be illuminated with the same light.

Arranged linear or as individual light points this freeform facetted reflectors can be used in many ways and thereby enable a very broad product range:             

  • pendant luminaire
  • surface luminaire
  • recessed luminaire
  • wall luminaire / ceilingwasher
  • circle luminaires
  • single light points

 2016 05 news Produkte

The luminaires with this innovative reflector can be supplied in any colour of light or tuneable white. Colour mixtures in one reflector are also possible.

The specially developed LED PCB allow due to various assembly variants different light flows for any application.

The new facet reflectors made of plastic are aluminium coated. A pure gold coating is also possible as we do with our drop reflectors.

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