produits de spectre

Business and product presentations
Impulse buying, emotional merchandising, point of sale success - tags that are frequently used in commerce. Light guide and light concepts are key success factors for a successful product appearance. It is the right mix  which allows a pleasant, successful product presentation. Artluce constantly brings innovations and guaranteed by our own development and production.

Spectrum Waren

Office, Administration, Public Buildings
Artluce light manufacturer understands not only as a work environment, but much more like an "habitat". Accordingly, we focused on a light guide  to work efficiently. Numerous projects have been implemented internationally with architects and planners in this sensitive area light.

Spectrum Aibling

Hotel, Catering, Event
Artluce is an international business partner for hotel industry, gastronomy, architecture and event lighting.

Spectrum Gastronomie 

Outdoor and Ambient Lighting
Artluce offers custom solutions for all areas.
From the moody light ambience in the garden to comfortable illumination of terraces for private homes,


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