Deichman Bjørvika

A vibrant center that invites discovery, sharing, and learning.

A city district shines in new splendor

Completed in 2020, the main Deichman Bjørvika building in Oslo combines a place of knowledge and information exchange with modern architecture. Alongside the new opera house and the Munch Museum, the building blends impressively into its surroundings.

»A library and its collection presented in the proper light.«

Its folded concrete roof structure and light-filled atrium create a special building that is part of the new development project in the old harbor south-east of the city center.

The main focus in terms of both content and construction is on the approximately 450,000 books, which are perfectly highlighted by the unobtrusive lighting of the bookshelves.


All books in view

The lighting was designed as a wallwasher, which has been adapted to the lengths and shapes of the polygonally arranged bookshelves.

The wallwasher strips, equipped with the smallest reflector in our Lumex series - the Lumexxl - were integrated into the furniture structure with a profile developed especially for this project.

A special type of challenge was posed by the planning of the 134 curves of the shelf surfaces, where no two are alike.

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