Weingut Schloss Gobelsburg

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Barrels on wheels

The oldest winery in the Danube region - the Weingut Schloss Gobelsburg - celebrated its 850th vintage in 2021, thereby expressing a long-standing tradition in the form of "fine wines".

»Distinguished by the delicacy and cool elegance of the Kamptal region.«

At a time when many places are attempting to produce homogeneous wines that appeal to the widest range of tastes, the focus at the Gobelsburg Winery is quite different.

The wines from the cultural landscape, characterized by its rolling hills and natural terraces, are allowed to mature in peace and are distinguished by their personality and individuality.

Weingut Schloss

A special concept

The carefully selected barrels, for which wood from the region is widely used, also contribute to the characteristic flavor. In order to minimize the use of machinery, the "dynamic cellar concept" was developed, in which the wine is not pumped but transported by rolling barrels.

In the extended cloister cellar, which is the focal point of the cellar complex, the stored barrels are perfectly accentuated by the lighting.

History meets technology

For the cellar areas, Büro Bartenbach developed a lighting concept that perfectly illuminates the historic masonry and the barrels stored there, without the light sources being visible.

Since history meets technology in such a modernization, the lighting system must also meet technical standards in terms of control (KNX) and emergency lighting.

Unobtrusive lighting

All of these requirements had to be met without damaging the historic masonry through installation work.

A 40 meter long light line was therefore manufactured for the barrique cellar. Focus lenses of our Grado series with a light emitting surface diameter of 10 mm were used as basic illumination in order to reduce the light source to the bare minimum.

Old and new combined

The positions of the emergency luminaires, pictograms, and motion detectors were individually adapted to the project. In order to formally link the modern technology to the historical premises, pendant luminaires, in a classical style, were also installed on the profile luminaires.

Carefully selected lighting technology

In the barrel cellar, the lighting solution also involved light lines equipped with GRADO lighting technology. Since the wine barrels stored there have different sizes, the profiles were segmented and pivoted with an articulation specially designed for this project.

Light planning: Bartenbach GmbH

Source: Weingut Schloss Gobelsburg

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